Everybody's Golf Portable

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Everybody's Golf Portable
Everybody's Golf Portable Coverart.png
Japanese cover art
Developer(s) Clap Hanz
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Series Everybody's Golf
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
  • JP: 12 December 2004
  • NA: 3 May 2005
  • EU: 1 September 2005
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Everybody's Golf Portable (みんなのGOLFP?, Minna no Golf Portable) in Japan, Everybody's Golf in Europe and Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee in North America is the fifth game in the Everybody's Golf series and the first game released for PlayStation Portable. It was released on 12 December 2004 in Japan, 3 May 2005 in North America and 1 September 2005 in Europe.


Everybody's Golf Portable is a golf game that emphasizes arcade-like gameplay over real life accuracy or locations. The game features all fictional characters and courses. It features several different modes, including a training mode to learn the game, simple match play, and a challenge mode feature many golf tournaments and unlockable items used to customizes the player's golfer.


Reviews for the game were generally positive. Praise was given to its art style and simple but effect game mechanics. IGN gave the game an 8.8 out of 10, stating "The line between cute and cheesy is a fine one, but the game sweetly balances this divide with a fine-tuned game engine the delivers a genuine golfing experience. As a result, this is one of the most addictive PSP game to date. It may have taken a while to get here, but this was definitely worth waiting for. Open Tee is easy to fall in love with. Sometimes you'll shout for joy, other times you'll curse in frustration. But it's all Hot Shots golfing, and this is one of the most spectacular golfing games out there.[1] Similarly, CVG gave it an 8 out of 10, stating "Cute, colourful and extremely attractive to look at, the clue's in the title on this one and Everybody's Golf plays a near perfect round for general gamers, that could yet take big golf daddy Tiger Woods PGA Tour, to the cleaners".[2] Eurogamer gave it a similar 8 out of 10 score.[3]


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