Evil Cat

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Evil Cat
Evil Cat DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Traditional 凶貓
Simplified 凶猫
Directed by Dennis Yu
Produced by Dennis Yu
Written by Wong Jing
Starring Lau Kar-leung
Tang Lai Ying
Mark Cheng
Cinematography Arthur Wong
Edited by Wong Ming-Lam
Distributed by Mei Ah Film Production Co. Ltd.
Release date
  • 1 January 1987 (1987-01-01)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Evil Cat (凶貓) is a 1987 Hong Kong film directed by Dennis Yu.


The Cheung Family has been fending with the Evil Cat for eight generations. This time, the Evil Cat reincarnates and possesses a tycoon's body. Severe fights start in order to eliminate the Evil Cat. One day, at Tina's home, the Cat dwells in, Cheung shoots Tina at the shoulder but Inspector Wu comes to her rescue just before Cheung can kill the Cat. Pulling out the charmed arrow in Tina's shoulder, the Cat recovers its power.

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