Excellence Without a Soul

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Excellence Without a Soul
Author Harry R. Lewis
Country United States
Language English
Subject higher education
Publisher PublicAffairs
Publication date
ISBN 1-58648-501-6
"Presidents, deans, and professors rarely tell students simple truths, for example that the strategizing and diligence that got them into the college of their choice may not, if followed thoughtlessly, lead to an adult life they will find worth living."

- Harry Lewis, Excellence Without a Soul, p.xiii

"The old ideal of a liberal education lives on in name only. No longer does Harvard teach the things that will free the human mind and spirit."

- Harry Lewis, Excellence Without a Soul, p. 253

Excellence Without a Soul is a book by Harry R. Lewis, the former Dean of Harvard College, that examines the state of America's universities and colleges with particular reference to Harvard. It first appeared in 2006 as Excellence Without a Soul: How a Great University Forgot Education and subsequently in 2007, with a new subtitle, as Excellence Without a Soul: Does Liberal Education Have a Future? It attracted considerable attention because of its trenchant analysis of undergraduate education, much of which was based on his experience as a Harvard administrator. It has been translated into Chinese and Korean.

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