Exit Strategy (film)

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Exit Strategy
Official Exit Strategy The Movie Theatrical Release One Sheet Poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byMichael Whitton
Produced byKellie Maltagliati
Quincy "QDeezy" Harris
Screenplay byJameel Saleem
Based onCharacters
by Jameel Saleem
Kimelia Weathers
Rick Fontaine
Mustafa Harris
Reign Morton
StarringJameel Saleem
Kimelia Weathers
Quincy "QDeezy" Harris
Big Boy
Kevin Hart
Music bySimon A. Stevens
CinematographyJoseph Crist
Edited byMichael Whitton
Ask Around Productions
Ida's Son Productions
Distributed byAsk Around Entertainment
Release date
  • February 10, 2012 (2012-02-10)
Running time
76 minutes
CountryUnited States

Exit Strategy is a 2012 American independent romantic comedy film directed by Michael Whitton and starring Jameel Saleem, Kimelia Weathers, Quincy "QDeezy" Harris, with cameo appearances by L.A. radio host Big Boy and stand-up comedian Kevin Hart. Saleem plays a man whose main goal is to not get the girl, but to lose her—thus marketed as a self-described "un-romantic comedy." The film originated as a seven-part web series that had been running since 2007.[1]


James (Jameel Saleem), likeable but irresponsible, moves in with his take-charge girlfriend of three months Kim (Kimelia Weathers), and quickly discovers she’s everything he never wanted in a woman. With advice from his childhood best friends and second-hand goods store co-workers Carville (Quincy "QDeezy" Harris) and Leona (Noelle Balfour), he tries to make the relationship work instead of being homeless; but may have to be resigned to his new life and living situation: chores and no football on Sundays, snoring instead of sleep, and no TV in the bedroom—ever! But after a disastrous dinner with Kim’s father, and on the advice of high-schooler Scoop, strangers Big Boy and customer Mannequin Head Man (Kevin Hart), James tries to get her to break up with him but still let him sleep on the couch. It doesn’t work, and James has to tell Kim the painful truth, making her realize he wasn’t what she wanted after all.


(in order of appearance)

  • Jameel Saleem as James, co-owner of a second-hand goods store (Stuff Shop).
  • Quincy "Qdeezy" Harris as Carville, James' childhood best friend and Stuff Shop co-owner.
  • Noelle Balfour as Leona, James' childhood best friend and co-worker.
  • Kimelia Weathers as Kim, James' girlfriend.
  • Big Boy as himself, radio host of Big Boy's Neighborhood.
  • Liz Hernandez as herself, radio co-host of Big Boy's Neighborhood.
  • Fuzzy Fantabulous as himself, radio co-host of Big Boy's Neighborhood.
  • Rick Amieva as Radio Caller.
  • Jenna Willis as Tanny, Kim's friend.
  • Danette Wilson as Shauna, Kim's friend.
  • Jennah Hughes-Taylor as Young Woman, Young Man's fiance.
  • Juhahn Jones as Young Man, Young Woman's husband-to-be.
  • Jonny Whitton as Shopper.
  • Kevin Hart as Mannequin Head Man, a Stuff Shop customer.
  • Nick Sinise as Scoop, a high-schooler and Stuff Shop regular.
  • Marina Steele as Sandy, a woman wanting to pawn her wedding ring.
  • Sid Burston as Mr. "Sweet", Kim's father.
  • Matt Kawczynski as Rodney, Tanny's boyfriend.
  • Carlos Javier Castillo as Jay, Shauna's boyfriend.
  • Misty Alli as Yinny, Scoop's friend.
  • Chad Younglove as Jeff, Leona's boyfriend.


Exit Strategy was independently made for under $100,000[2] by Ask Around Productions in association with Big Boy's Ida's Son Productions. The film was shot on the 5D camera in 14 days;[2] and in order to finish the film, the first-time director took on a lot of the laptop-based post-production work.[2][3]

Kellie Maltagliati, one of the film's producers, credits the ability to make this film on a shoestring budget, and release it, on both cast and crew dedication and the recent technological advancements of digital filming, post-production, exhibition, and marketing.[3]


Exit Strategy Motion Picture Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
ReleasedJanuary 6, 2012
GenreFilm Soundtrack
LabelOcean View Entertainment

The official motion picture soundtrack, Music Featured In And Inspired By Exit Strategy, was released on February 6, 2012 by Ocean View Entertainment.

Track listing
No.TitleRecording artist(s)Length
1."So Fine"Highway Jackson3:53
2."Rollin'"Tara Priya2:51
3."Ever After"Emily King3:40
4."Remote Control"Cinematic Noise Orchestra1:00
5."The Fool"Solar Taxi3:51
6."I'll Be the DJ"Beware Fashionable Women4:16
7."Why Don't You Leave"Focus! Focus!2:35
8."Com'n Ova"Julius Holliday3:51
9."OMG WTF"Kanobby3:00
10."Wounded"Tara Priya3:15
11."Honeysuckle"Left Me Bashful3:01
13."Convenient Fictions"Beta.Beta3:13
14."Can You Hear Me"Kendré5:24
15."Exit Strategy Theme"Simon A. Stevens1:07

Release and Reception[edit]

Exit Strategy received a limited U.S. release on February 10, 2012 in AMC Theatres, then expanded nationwide in Rave Cinemas and Bow-Tie Cinemas on March 9, 2012.[2][4]

To promote the theatrical opening of the film in Philadelphia, Ask Around Entertainment partnered with Radio One urban format station WPHI-FM to produce significant on-air content focused on the movie's relationship and break-up themes.[2]

The film was made available June 5, 2012 on DVD, VOD, and digital download.

For Black History Month 2014, Google Play listed Exit Strategy on their "Inspiring Stories" list that includes 12 Years A Slave and Lee Daniels' The Butler.[5]

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