Exorcist Master

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Exorcist Master
Exorcist Master.jpg
Traditional 驅魔道長
Simplified 驱魔道长
Mandarin qu mo dao zhang
Directed by Wu Ma
Produced by Lee Jan-Gei
Starring Lam Ching-ying
Wu Ma
Cinematography James Wu Kuo-Ren
Che Chang-Gin
Chun Chung-Yin
Edited by Wong Jing-Cheung
Chow Tak-Yeung
Liu Woh-Haau
Bao Shiung Film & Communication Co. Ltd.
Release date
Running time
92 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Exorcist Master (驅魔道長) is a 1992 Hong Kong film directed by Wu Ma and starring Wu Ma and Lam Ching-ying. It is a spin-off of the 1985 Hong Kong movie Mr. Vampire, Lam Ching-ying reprises his role as a Taoist Priest.


Priest Wu (Wu Ma) is due to re-open a church after a priest died there twenty years ago, Uncle Nine (Lam Ching-ying) recommends he does not re-open the church but Priest Wu goes ahead.[1] The priest who died there becomes a vampire who wants to turn everyone in the town into a vampire.[2]


  • Lam Ching-ying as Master Chiou (Uncle Nine)
  • Wu Ma as Priest Wu
  • Collin Chou as Star (Yao-lung Chou)
  • Wing-Cho Yip as The Mayor
  • Hung Yue as Anny
  • Shen Yuen as Priest Shen
  • Chia-chun Chen as Yue Liang
  • Tzu-yu Yang as David


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