New Mr. Vampire

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New Mr. Vampire
Traditional 殭屍翻生
Simplified 僵尸翻生
Mandarin jiāngshī fān shēng
Cantonese goeng1 si1 faan1 saang1
Directed by Billy Chan
Produced by William Cheung Kei
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$13,073,563.00

New Mr. Vampire (Chinese title: 殭屍翻生; lit. "The Vampire Revived") aka. The New Mr. Vampire is a 1987 Hong Kong horror film directed by Billy Chan and Leung Chung. It stars Chin Siu-ho (as Hsiao Hau Chien) and Lu Fang (as Tai-Fa) as the disciples and Chung Fat and Huang Ha as the rival masters Chin and Wu.


The brother of a local business baron is killed by a hopping corpse, a creature from Chinese jiangshi fiction. Chin and his disciple set to bury the corpse but their plans are foiled by Wu who allows the corpse to turn into a vampire. Meanwhile, Hsiao in a grave robbery attempt accidentally awakens a female corpse (Wong Siu Fung) who eventually turns out to be the Marshal's (Shum Wai) wife. During the commotion, Wu steals the vampire and sets it loose but is restrained by Chin who transports and hides the vampire in a hotel run by Wu Ma. The Marshal discovers them and his reanimated wife but the vampire is let loose once more by Wu and they all team up with the Marshal and his army to stop it.


Box office[edit]

New Mr. Vampire ran 8 May 1986 to 25 May 1986 and grossed HK$13,073,563.00 at the box office.[1][2]


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