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Expand Networks, Inc.
Private Company
Industry WAN Acceleration Equipment
Founded 1998
Headquarters Roseland, New Jersey, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Products Accelerator appliances, WAN Optimization
Website www.expand.com

Expand Networks, Ltd. was a Tel Aviv, Israel based provider of WAN optimization technology founded in 1998 and liquidated in 2011.


Expand Networks was a privately held company, co-founded by Talmon Marco in 1998; initial financing was provided by Discount Investment Corporation Ltd., The Eurocom Group, Ophir Holdings, and a private group of investors, including Memco Software founder Israel Mezin. Additional investors joined in subsequent rounds of funding. The company raised over $95 million.[citation needed]

Expand Networks headquarters was in Tel-Aviv, Israel with sales in the United States and Europe, New Jersey, Australia,[1] China,[2] Singapore, and South Africa.

The company manufactured accelerators in physical,[3] virtual [4] and mobile [5] deployment options.


In mid October 2011, following the requests of Plenus, one of the company's lenders, an Israeli court appointed a liquidator - Paz Rimer. The liquidator gradually terminated the company's employees [6] and eventually, on 11 January 2012 sold most of the assets of the company to Riverbed Technology, which immediately terminated all the company's products and ceased support.[7]

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