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The Experimental College at Tufts University (also known as the Ex College), is located in Medford, Massachusetts. The college was founded in 1964, to expand the offerings of the undergraduate course curriculum, and has remained an integral part of the university ever since.[1][2][3]

The Experimental College expands the boundaries of the university by offering innovative, credit-bearing courses that strengthen the overall academic opportunities at Tufts. These courses tend to involve issues of current importance and/or provide instruction on interdisciplinary subject areas that do not significantly overlap what is being offered in the traditional departments. They are also intended to be discussion-based and participatory in nature.

The ExCollege offers courses taught not only by members of the Tufts Faculty, but also adjunct Visiting Lecturers and Tufts undergraduates. The ExCollege Visiting Lecturer positions are open to the public, and those who are selected to teach range from advanced graduate students to business, law and computer science professionals, to seasoned PhD professors. All applicants are required to construct and submit their course proposals 2–6 months before the start of the semester. The selection process is highly competitive, and the ExCollege Board, comprising faculty, students and staff, selects roughly 20-25 Visiting Lecturers from a pool of about 80-100 applicants each term. All applicants undergo an interview process each time they wish to teach, regardless of whether or not they have previously taught at the ExCollege, or any other institution. This ensures that the ExCollege remains up-to-date with only the most relevant and popular subjects, and selects only the most qualified instructors at any given time. The real-world experiences and acumen of these Visiting Lecturers make them a valuable addition to the undergraduate curriculum.

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