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The Tufts Daily
The Tufts Daily Logo.png
Daily Sept. 25, 2014.jpg
The Tufts Daily, September 25, 2014
Type Daily student newspaper
Format Tabloid
Publisher Sebastian Torrente
Editor-in-chief Kathleen Schmidt
Managing editors Jei-Jei Tan
Miranda Willson
Founded February 25, 1980; 37 years ago (1980-02-25)
Headquarters 474 Boston Avenue
Medford, Massachusetts 02155

The Tufts Daily, known on campus simply as The Daily, is the student newspaper at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Its first issue was published on February 25, 1980. The paper covers news, arts and sports both on campus and in the Boston area and allows members of the Tufts community to submit op-ed pieces about any campus or global issue. Tufts is currently the smallest college or university in the United States to have a daily student paper.

Unlike other student organizations and publications at Tufts, the Daily is financially self-sustaining, and does not receive funding from the student activities fee.

During the Daily's first two decades, it was engaged in competition with a weekly campus newspaper, the Tufts Observer. The two newspapers co-existed until 2001, when the Observer changed to a biweekly newsmagazine format.


The Daily has four sections of original editorial content (news, features, sports, and arts), one section allowing signed submissions from community members (op-ed), and an editorial page. The Daily opines on campus, national, and global issues through original editorials published four times a week.

News, features, arts, and sports[edit]

The Daily's news section reports on Tufts events, campus politics, and student life. It also offers regular stories on community issues in Medford and Somerville.

The features section typically contains two to three articles offering more detailed perspective on student life and trends in academia, at Tufts and nationwide. It also publishes several weekly series, including profiles of Tufts faculty and students.

The arts section of the paper has been expanding. Beginning as a single article in the paper's first issue in 1980, the arts section now runs three to four articles each day, covering on- and off-campus events. From 1987 until 2002, Arts ran its "Weekender" supplement once a week as an insert magazine. Weekender was relaunched as part of the paper, rather than an insert. The new Weekender includes lengthy features, interviews with a national celebrity, and a staff Top Ten list. The four-page section appears inside Thursday's paper.

The sports section gives in-depth coverage of all Tufts varsity sports and occasional reporting on club and intramural sports. Analysis and profiles of Tufts athletes are provided through columns and weekly features, and major professional sports are also covered in weekly "Inside" columns.

Opinion and Editorial[edit]

The Daily's opinion section accepts submissions from all members of the Tufts community on any campus, national, or global issue. It has become an important platform for campus debate, with particularly explosive pieces often spurring several responses or back-and-forth disputes that can span an entire semester. Until fall 2007, it was known as the Viewpoints section. As part of the merger of the Viewpoints and Editorial departments, the Viewpoints name was retired.

The paper has traditionally run one editorial four times per week, Monday through Thursday. Beginning in the Spring 2006, this increased to include Friday editorials. Students appointed to be Editorial Page Editors write the editorials, which are unsigned, on behalf of the Tufts Daily masthead. Editorials represent the opinions of the Tufts Daily. In the Fall of 2007 the section returned to running only Monday though Thursday.


Beginning in Fall 2007, The Daily began running photospreads, a spread of photos on a particular subject, every other Friday. Previous topics of photospreads have ranged from meetings of the juggling club to Fall Ball to music festivals in Davis Square.


The Daily is led by the following individuals:

Editor in Chief: Kathleen Schmidt
Managing Editors: Jei-Jei Tan and Miranda Willson
Production Director: Sebastian Torrente
Executive News Editor: Joe Walsh
Executive Features Editor: Costa Angelakis
Executive Arts Editor: Eran Sabaner
Executive Opinion Editor: Anita Ramaswamy
Executive Sports Editor: Eddie Samuels
Executive Photo Editor: Ray Bernoff
Executive Video Editor: Ezgi Yazici
Executive Video Administrator: Olivia Ireland
Executive Graphics Editor: Peter Lam
Executive Copy Editors: Caroline Bollinger and Gil Jacobson
Executive Layout Editors: Connor Dale and Ezgi Yazici
Executive Social Media Editor: Seohyun Shim
Executive Business Director: Josh Morris
Executive Online Editor: Nitesh Gupta

Past managing board members:

Year Semester Editor-in-Chief Production Director(s) Managing Editor(s)
2016 Fall Arin Kerstein David Westby Sophie Lehrenbaum and Jake Taber
Spring Sarah Zheng Julie Doten Nicholas Golden and Mengqi Sun
2015 Fall Joseph Palandrani Andrew M. Stephens Lancy Downs and Abigail Feldman
Spring Drew Z. Robertson Jewel Marie Castle Jacob Indursky and Reena Karasin
2014 Fall Alexander J. Schroeder Andrew M. Stephens Justin Rheingold and Lily Sieradzki
Spring Caroline A. Welch Jen Betts J.L. Hoagland and Stephanie Haven
2013 Fall Hannah R. Fingerhut Elliot Philips Jenna Buckle and Melissa Wang
Spring Martha E. Shanahan Sarah Kester Nina Goldman and Brionna Jimerson
2012 Fall Rebecca K. Santiago Alyssa Kutner Ben Kochman and Falcon Reese
Spring Daniel J. Rathman Adam Gardner Craig Frucht and Ethan Sturm
2011 Fall Carter W. Rogers Jason Huang Niki Krieg and Adam Kulewicz
Spring Alexandra W. Bogus Andrew Petrone Mick Brinkman Krever and Saumya Vaishampayan
2010 Fall Benjamin D. Gittleson Leanne Brotsky Ellen Kan and Carter Rogers
Spring Kerianne M. Okie Jennifer Iassogna Caryn Horowitz and Grace Lamb-Atkinson
2009 Fall Giovanni J.B. Russonello Karen Blevins Naomi Bryant and David Heck
Spring Evans R. Clinchy Ally Gimbel Michael Adams and Sarah Butrymowicz
2008 Fall Robert S. Silverblatt Marianna Bender Rachel Dolin and Kristin Gorman
Spring Matthew J. Skibinski Adam Raczkowski Evans R. Clinchy and Ross Marrinson
2007 Fall Kelly M. Rizzetta Ross Marrinson Alex Bloom and Liz Hoffman
Spring Stephanie L. Vallejo Jason Richards Anne Fricker and Bruce Hamilton
2006 Fall Katherine J. Schmidt Joel Harley Kelly Rizzetta and Andrew Silver
Spring Patrice H. Taddonio Joel Harley David Cavell and David Pomerantz
2005 Fall Allison Beth Roeser David Nagler Jon Schubin and Sam Verrill
Spring Mark W. Evitt David Nagler Jillian Harrison and Jess Keiser
2004 Fall Jonathan A. Graham Sam Verrill Mark Evitt
Spring Ethan Matthieu Austin Sam Verrill Jonathan Graham
2003 Fall Adam D. Cooper Denise Ho Ethan Matthieu Austin
Spring Daniel Fowler Mollie Greenfield Adam Cooper
2002 Fall Rachael A. Rubenson Mollie Greenfield Daniel Fowler
Spring Russell V. Capone Rachel Rubenson William Kinlaw
2001 Fall Benjamin N. Gedan Paula S. Romero Russell Capone
Spring Benjamin L. Oshlag Valentina Clark Benjamin Gedan
2000 Fall Daniel Barbarisi Sandra Fried Benjamin L. Oshlag
Spring Jordan G. Brenner Cindy Marks Daniel Barbarisi
1999 Fall Lauren M. Heist Michael Dupuy Jordan Brenner
Spring Jason B. Cohen Michael Dupuy Lauren M. Heist
1998 Fall Pete Sanborn Haley Stein Jason Cohen
Spring Pete Sanborn Pamela Abrams Marshall Einhorn
1997 Fall Karen A. Epstein Haley Stein Gregory Geiman
Spring Dan Tobin Pratiksha Thakkar Karen Epstein
1996 Fall John B. O'Keefe Pratiksha Thakkar Dan Tobin
Spring Jessica N. Rosenthal Raquel Almeida, Ryan Otto, and Pratiksha Thakkar John B. O'Keefe
1995 Fall David B. Meyers Raquel Almeida, Ryan Otto, and Pratiksha Thakkar John B. O'Keefe, Jessica Rosenthal, and Dan Tobin
Spring Nadya J. Sbaiti Ryan Otto, Marc Sheinkin, and Pratiksha Thakkar David Meyers
1994 Fall Marc J. Sheinkin Ryan Otto and Leah Schwartz Nadya J. Sbaiti
Spring Caroline C. Schaefer Marc Sheinkin Michael Berg, Ryan Otto, and Leah Schwartz
1993 Fall Elin M. Dugan Michael Berg, Leah Schwartz, and Ryan Otto Caroline Schaefer
Spring Paul Horan Michael Berg, Julie Cornell, and Jamie Fink Elizabeth Yellen
1992 Fall Patrick Healy Michael Berg and Julie Cornell Paul Horan
Spring David Saltzman Michael Berg, Julie Cornell, and Michelle Frayman Patrick Healy
1991 Fall Geoffrey W. Lepper Larry Azer David Saltzman
Spring Anna George Julie Cornell, Michelle Frayman, and Beth Geller Geoffrey Lepper
1990 Fall Lauren Keefe Javier Macaya Anna George
Spring Bob Goodman Javier Macaya Lauren Keefe
1989 Fall Stephen Clay Beth Geller and Markus Mueller Bob Goodman
Spring Kelley Alessi Beth Geller and Chris Stevens Stephen Clay
1988 Fall Julie Beglin Beth Geller, Nicole Pierce, and Chris Stevens Kelley Alessi
Spring Jonathan Larsen Sarah Brown, Evelyn Krache, and Scott Miller Julie Beglin
1987 Fall Jon Newman Evelyn Krache and Scott Miller Stephen Clay
Spring Michael Epstein Lisajane Meyers, Scott Miller, and Amy Shallcross Jon Newman
1986 Fall Michael Epstein Lisajane Meyers and Sue Shefts Jon Newman
Spring David J. Kramer Michele Drohan and Andie Neidorf Jennifer MacFarlane
1985 Fall Andrew Feinberg Michele Drohan and Jim Whitman David J. Kramer
Spring Barri Hope Gordon Niko Letunic and Jim Whitman Ellen Spirer
1984 Fall Sue Roth Emily J. Devoto and Jim Whitman Barri Hope Gordon
Spring Sue Roth Peter L. Newman (Business) Howard Simons
1983 Fall Marina Kalb Peter L. Newman (Business) Ellen Glassner, Mark Kirschner, and Susan Roth
Spring Susan Lessler Peter L. Newman (Business) Danielle Cyr and Andrew Sloan
1982 Fall Anthony Everett Carole A. Coleman (Business) Danielle Cyr and Joe Luca
Spring Anthony Everett Carole A. Coleman (Business) Tina Terraciano
1981 Fall Arthur L. Charlton Jr. Robert Keller Laverne P. Hargett
Spring William A. Frechtman Margaret Joy Frisch Anthony Everett and Robert Keller
1980 Fall William A. Frechtman - John Neff and Danny Gelber
Spring William A. Frechtman and Robert Farago - -

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