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Extreme Records is an Australia-based record label.

The label was founded by Ulex Xane and initially specialised in underground experimental and industrial cassettes. Roger Richards became involved in 1987 and eventually became the label’s director after Xane's departure.

List of releases[edit]

No. Year Artist Title Format
001 1989 Paul Schütze Deus Ex Machina CD
002 1990 Muslimgauze Intifaxa CD
003 1989 Laughing Hands Ledge / Dog Photos CD
004 1991 The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast G'arage D'Or CD
005 1990 Paul Schütze The Annihilating Angel; or, The Surface of the World CD
006 1991 John Duncan Klaar CD
007 Muslimgauze United States of Islam CD
008 Merzbow / Right Brain Audile Music for Bondage Performance CD
009 Jim O'Rourke Tamper CD
010 Various artists X - X Section CD
011 1990 Peter Appleton Songs From the Shed CD
012 1992 Muslimgauze Zul'm CD
013 C-Schulz 4. Film Ton CD
014 1991 Stefan Tischler Excess of Free Speech CD
015 1992 Paul Schütze New Maps of Hell CD
016 Shinjuku Thief Bloody Tourist CD
017 Mo Boma Jijimuge CD
018 1993 Jim O'Rourke Remove the Need CD
019 1991 Christoph Heemann Invisible Barrier CD
020 1993 Elliott Sharp & Soldier String Quartet Cryptid Fragments CD
021 Jorge Reyes El Costumbre CD
022 Vidna Obmana Echoing Delight CD
023 Lights in a Fat City Sound Column CD
024 Otomo Yoshihide The Night Before the Death of the Sampling Virus CD
025 1994 Mo Boma Myths of the Near Future Part One CD
026 Muslimgauze Citadel CD
027 Vidna Obmana The Spiritual Bonding CD
028 Soma Hollow Earth CD
029 1995 Social Interiors The World Behind You CD
030 Pablo's Eye You Love Chinese Food CD
031 Land Land CD
032 Vidna Obmana Echoing Delight CD
033 Groovy Groovy CD
034 1996 Merzbow / Right Brain Audile Music for Bondage Performance 2 CD
035 Mo Boma Myths of the Near Future Part Three CD
036 Kato Hideki Hope & Despair CD
037 Fetisch Park Trost CD
038 Soma The Inner Cinema CD
039 1997 Skúli Sverrisson Seremonie CD
040 Social Interiors Traces of Mercury CD
041 Various artists Untitled (Ten) CD
042 Fetisch Park Alluvial CD
043 Ed Pias Ancestor's Halo CD
044 1999 Rik Rue Sample / Shuffle / Interplay CD
045 1998 Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M Filament 1 CD
046 Eugene Thacker Sketches for Biotech Research CD
047 1999 Maju Maju-1 CD
048 Christian Kiefer Welcome to Hard Times CD
049 Maju Maju-2 CD
050 2000 Ether Music for Air Raids CD
051 2001 Maju Maju-3 CD
052 Various artists Serpentine CD
053 2002 Christian Kiefer Medicine Show CD
054 Ether Hush CD
055 2003 Maju Maju-4 CD
056 2006 Claudio Parodi Horizontal Mover (Homage to Alvin Lucier) CD
057 2007 Terminal Sound System Compressor CD
058 Scott Tinkler Backwards CD
059 Robert Vincs Devic Kingdom CD
060 Luca Formentini Tacet CD
061 Marc Hannaford Hush CD
062 2008 Claudio Parodi A Ritual Which Is Incomprehensible (To the Smile of Pauline Oliveros) CD
063 Maju Maju-5 CD
065 Terminal Sound System Constructing Towers CD
067 2009 Claudio Parodi The Mother of All Feedback CD
069 Marc Hannaford Polar CD
070 2011 Robert Vincs Pneumatikos CD
071 2014 Thomas Buckner, Claudio Parodi Taken From a True Story CD

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