Exuperius (Theban Legion)

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Saint Exuperius
Martirio de San Mauricio El Greco.jpg
El Greco, The Martyrdom of St Maurice.
Born Africa?
Died 286 AD
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Major shrine formerly Gembloux Abbey
Feast September 22
Attributes Military attire
Patronage Gembloux Abbey

Exuperius or Exupernis is venerated as a saint and martyr by the Catholic Church; according to tradition, he was the standard-bearer of the Theban Legion[1] and thus a companion to Saint Maurice.


Exuperius’ relics were translated in the 10th century to Gembloux Abbey. This translation was performed by the monastery’s founder, Saint Guibert (Guibertus), who dedicated the monastery in honor of Saint Peter and Saint Exuperius.[1] The saint thus enjoyed special veneration at Gembloux; Sigebert of Gembloux wrote a long poem on the martyrdom of the Theban Legion.[2] The buildings of the abbey, which largely survived, are used for the Agronomical University of Gembloux.


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