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Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg was a County of southern Baden-Württemberg, Germany, located in the historical territory of Heiligenberg. It was created as a partition of Fürstenberg-Baar in 1559, and suffered one partition: between itself and Fürstenberg-Donaueichingen in 1617. Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg was raised to a Principality in 1664, it inherited Fürstenberg-Donaueichingen in 1698, and was inherited by the Counts of Fürstenberg-Fürstenberg in 1716 following the extinction of its branch.

Counts of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg (1559 - 1664)[edit]

Princes of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg (1664 - 1716)[edit]

Herman Egon's brothers Francis Egon, William Egon and Ferdinand Frederick Egon were also titular Princes of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg, however, they never ruled the principality.


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