Fédération haïtienne d'athlétisme amateur

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Fédération Haïtienne d'Athlétisme Amateur
Fédération Haïtienne d'Athlétisme Amateur Logo.jpg
Sport Athletics
Jurisdiction Federation
Founded 1969 (1969)
Affiliation IAAF
Affiliation date 1970 (1970)
Regional affiliation NACAC
Headquarters Pétionville
President Alain Jean Pierre
Vice president Dukerns Louis Joseph
Secretary Jean Maxime Auguste

The Fédération Haïtienne d'Athlétisme Amateur (FHAA; Haitian Athletics Federation) is the governing body for the sport of athletics in Haïti. Current president is Alain Jean Pierre.[1]


FHAA was founded in 1969 and was affiliated to the IAAF in 1970.[2]


FHAA is the national member federation for Haïti in the following international organisations:

Moreover, it is part of the following national organisations:

National records[edit]

FHAA maintains the Haitian records in athletics.