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A fang is a long, pointed tooth found in many animals, notably mammals, snakes, and spiders.

Fang(s) or The Fang may also refer to:




Given name[edit]

  • Chen Fang (rower) (born 1993), Chinese rower
  • Fang Liu (born 1962), Chinese attorney and first woman to be Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization
  • Fang Wong (born 1948), US Army officer
  • Fang Wu (born 1990), Taiwanese singer-songwriter
  • Fang-Yi Sheu (born 1971), Taiwanese-American dancer

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Other uses[edit]

  • Diamondback Energy (stock symbol FANG), an American energy exploration company
  • FAANG or FANG, an acronym for the Big Tech companies Facebook, Amazon, (Apple), Netflix, and Alphabet/Google
  • Fang, the primary component of the star Pi Scorpii