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Sports Club Kakhovka (Ukrainian: Спортивний клуб «Каховка») is a football club from Kakhovka, Ukraine. The club currently plays at the Askaniyske Experimental Facility Stadium. Throughout its history the club is better known for its names as Meliorator and Kzeso.

Brief history[edit]

The club was established sometime in 1980 as Avanhard Kakhovka. In 1988 after winning a prize of the local newspaper "Robitnycha Hazeta" (Worker's Gazette), it received a sponsor Agro-Industrial Complex "Krasa Khersonshchyny" (Beauty of the Kherson Region) and was renamed as Meliorator Kakhovka (Land cultivator). The club joined the Ukrainian competitions in 1992. In 1995 it lost its main sponsor and changed to FC Kakhovka. However that season was the most terrible and after the first half, the club withdrew from competitions as the city authorities could find means to continue funding the team.

Later in 1999 the club returned to regional competitions as Chumak Kakhovka being sponsored by the Swedish-Ukrainian company Chumak. In 2001 the club was sold to the Kakhovka Factory of Electrical Welding Equipment (KZEZO or Kzeso in Russian interpretation) and in 2002 it joined the amateur competitions. From 2002 to 2005 KZEZO quite successfully competed at the amateur league winning the league twice and qualified to the UEFA Regions Cup where it earned the third place. In 2006 the club was dissolved and reformed again as SC Kakhovka.


  • Kherson Oblast football championship
    • Winners (5): 1988, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004

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