FC Volgograd

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FC Volgograd
Logo of FC Volgograd.gif
Full name Football Club Volgograd
Founded 2008
Ground Olimpia Stadium
Chairman Sergei Marushkin
Manager Valeri Burlachenko
League Russian Second Division
2009 3rd

FC Volgograd (Russian: ФК Волгоград) is a former name of the Russian football club from Volgograd, founded in late 2008, currently known as FC Rotor Volgograd. Before it was founded, it was originally supposed to be called FC Rotor-Volgograd Volgograd (to keep Rotor's name around at the time FC Rotor Volgograd was close to bankruptcy). However, FC Rotor's financial situation has improved by early 2009 and the club was registered as FC Volgograd. It played in the Russian Second Division in 2009. It took over the license of FC Olimpia Volgograd, who were having financial difficulties at the time.

In 2010, FC Vityaz Podolsk gave up their place in the Russian First Division. Professional Football League offered the First Division spots to clubs who came in 2nd in their Russian Second Division zones in 2009, but none of them agreed to play in the First Division. FC Volgograd was then offered a spot and agreed to take it. They played in the second-highest Russian First Division in 2010.[1] On February 8, 2010 it was announced that the club was to be renamed to FC Rotor Volgograd (the previous club under that name went bankrupt during the 2009 season).[2]

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