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Fe or FE may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]



Science and technology[edit]


Physics and chemistry[edit]

  • Iron, chemical element with symbol Fe
  • Field emission, an emission of electrons induced by external electromagnetic fields
  • Faraday efficiency, the efficiency of a catalyst in electrochemistry


Other uses[edit]

  • the Hebrew letter fe
  • Fe (rune), the f-rune of the Younger Futhark
  • FE-Schrift, a typeface used on vehicle registration plates in Germany
  • Province of Ferrara (ISO 3166-2:IT code)
  • Flat Earth, a pseudoscientific theory
  • Formula E, a class of auto racing using electrically powered cars
  • Dominical letter FE, for a leap year starting on Tuesday
  • Extraverted feeling, in the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator