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GenresContemporary Christian
Years active1993–present
MembersJennifer Deibler
Jeromy Deibler
Past membersMichael Boggs
Jonathan Firey
Brian Smith
Steve Croyle
Chris Ulery

FFH (Far From Home) is a Contemporary Christian band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United States. The band is occasionally known as Far From Home.

Formed in 1993, FFH released six independent projects before being signed by Essential Records. Since then, they have released seven studio albums, as well as a "greatest-hits" album.


The group formed as Four For Harmony, an a cappella group.[1] Over time they developed a vocal acoustic pop style, similar to that of Avalon, and changed their name to Far From Home.[1][2] That name was being used by a secular duo and they became known as FFH.

FFH sang on ‘Shine Your Light’ With Nicole Nordeman and ‘Hide Me in Your Heart’ on ‘City On A Hill: Sing Alleluia’ (2002), and on ‘Table of the Lord’ with Paul Coleman Trio on ‘City On A Hill: The Gathering’ (2003), and ‘Where Are You’ and ‘Merciful Rain’ on ‘City On A Hill: Songs Of Worship and Praise’ (2000).

Following the release of their 2007 album, Worship in the Waiting, they took a break from touring. The following is a statement from their official website:

"Jeromy and Jennifer are back from Africa and enjoying being settled at home. Their new baby girl Hope Sadie-Claire is doing great, and their son Hutch turned five in July. Jeromy and Jennifer have just put together some songs for a project they initially called, “Coming Home," but was officially released as Wide Open Spaces in 2009.

"Brian Smith is enjoying working in the business side of the music industry, and helping new bands find their way balancing ministry and finances. He and Allyson have their hands full with their three daughters, all under the age of six. Michael Boggs is busy touring, leading worship, and speaking. He has released two albums since the band's member's break-up, a hymns record, and a live worship record. 'We all remain very close. In fact, we still all live in the same neighborhood, so we see each other all the time.' Said Jeromy, 'There are no plans for a tour yet, but we are waiting for the Lord’s leading as to what may be next for us as a band.'"[3]

Jeromy Deibler was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2007 after he and Jennifer got back from Africa. Jeromy is able to keep his MS under control with chemotherapy. The band returned in 2009 as a duo when members Jennifer and Jeromy Deibler released their independent album Wide Open Spaces.[4] It was re-released in 2010 on P-ID Blue. It was followed up in 2011 by One Silent Night: An FFH Christmas.[4] Then in 2012, FFH released their second worship album, and 11th studio album since their major label debut entitled, The Way We Worship.[4]

Jeromy is a full-time worship leader at Journey Christian Church in Irvine, CA.

Band members[edit]

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Album Year Billboard 200[6] Top Christian Albums[6]
Open Our Eyes Independent - -
Forever For God Independent - -
Heart to Heart Independent - -
Brother to Brother Independent - -
Called a Christian Independent - -
One of These Days Independent - -
Winter Wonder Unreleased - -
I Want to Be Like You 1998 64 -
Found a Place 2000 154 -
Have I Ever Told You 2001 119 -
Ready to Fly 2003 89 5
Still the Cross 2004 - 10
Voice From Home 2005 - -
Far From Home: The Best of FFH 2007 - -
Worship in the Waiting 2007 - -
Wide Open Spaces 2009 - -
Undone 2010 - -
One Silent Night: An FFH Christmas 2011 - -
The Way We Worship 2012 - -


Numerous FFH singles have charted, including "Fly Away" and "Watching Over Me" which hit the number one spot on Adult Contemporary radio and the Top 5 on Christian Hit Radio, "On My Cross" which had a two-week run at number one inspirational radio, "One of These Days," "Big Fish" and "I Want to Be Like You". Also including hit single "What It Feels Like".",[7] which according to Jeromy Deibler is a song of lament. He explained: "It talks about how it feels to walk the wilderness, to be undone, to be scared to death, to be unsure of anyone and anything, but eventually to feel the love and peace of God just the same." [8] FFH released their song "Undone" in 2010 and it hit number 18 on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart;[9] most of their songs were released before Billboard ranked Christian songs.


  • Far From Home: Stories From the Road (2001), Howard Publishing



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