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Type Howitzer
Place of origin Singapore
Service history
In service 1988 -
Used by See Users
Production history
Designer ST Kinetics
Designed 1983
Manufacturer ST Kinetics
Produced 1987-
Variants FH-2000
Weight 12,800kg (12.59 tons)
Barrel length 6.10m (20ft)
Crew 8

Shell 155 mm NATO
Caliber 155 mm 39 calibre
Breech Semi-automatic Interrupted screw with electronic rammer
Carriage 6 wheeled split trail
Elevation -3°/+70°
Traverse ±20° from centerline
Muzzle velocity 765m/sec (2510ft/sec)
Maximum firing range 19,000m (20,780yds)

The FH-88 or Field Howitzer 88 was the first locally designed howitzer developed for the Singapore Army. It is a 155 mm/39-calibre towed howitzer gun.


Ordnance Development and Engineering of Singapore (ODE, now Singapore Technologies Kinetics) began development of the FH-88 in 1983 with five prototypes being produced over a period of four years. These were followed by a preproduction batch of six 155 mm FH-88 gun-howitzers that incorporated a number of improvements as a result of trials with the prototype weapons. First production FH-88s were completed in 1987, with the weapon becoming operational with the Singapore Army the following year replacing the Soltam M-71.


Map with FH-88 operators in blue

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