Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison

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Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison
Fablehaven Keys to the Demon Prison.jpg
Cover Art
Author Brandon Mull
Illustrator Brandon Dorman
Cover artist Brandon Dorman
Country United States
Language English
Series Fablehaven
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Shadow Mountain
Publication date
March 23, 2010
Media type Print (hardback & paperback), E-book and Audiobook
Pages 593 (hardcover edition)
ISBN 978-1-60641-238-1
Preceded by Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison is the fifth and final installment in The New York Times' bestselling Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull.

––Summary––Kendra, Seth, and the Knights of the Dawn continue to take the last possible steps to safeguard the keys and locks placed on Zzyzx. Graulas asks Seth to recover the Sands of Sanctity so he can die peacefully. Seth agrees to ease his suffering. They go to Obsidian Waste, the preserve in Australia. They are welcomed by the caretaker Laura and the twins Camira and Berrigan. Laura quickly kills Camira and reveals that many members of the Society ware waiting to ambush them. Several members of the Society appear and the group quickly flees to the Obsidian Vault where the Translocater is hidden. After a series of trials they get the artifact, only for the society to capture them. Seth, Mara, and Berrigan are captured. Trask, Tanu, and Kendra escape with the Translocater. Meanwhile, Seth is summoned to talk with the Sphinx. The Sphinx reveals that they are in Living Mirage the fifth preserve. He is the care taker. He also tells Seth that he is a shadow charmer and that he has the Font of Immortality, the last artifact. He takes Seth to Nagi Luna, a demoness who aids the Sphinx, yet secretly wishes to betray him and open Zzyzx on her terms. Seth befriends Bracken, a unicorn with no horn. Bracken is stuck in human form due to him giving up his horn to make the Font of Immortality. Meanwhile, in Fablehaven,Vanessa reveals her secret. Grandpa and Grandma Larsen are alive and they are undercover spies for the Knights of Dawn. They plan on a rescue mission.However they are captured by the Sphinx, thus giving the society 4 artifacts. Kendra goes to commune with the Sphinx. While Kendra is talking with the Sphinx.A mysterious figure gives Seth a sack containing the Translocater and the Sands of Sanctity. Seth escapes to Fablehaven and uses the Sands to heal Graulas. Graulas grows strong and takes the Translocater and the Sands from Seth. He reveals that Nagi Luna was the one who gave him the instructions to get the artiacts to her. Kendra gains two new allies and finds an old friend during her extremely short visit in the same cell as her brother had been. The three, Kendra, Warren, and Bracken, take the very last, final steps to prevent the demon horde from escaping. After retreating over the preserve's wall, the three race to beat the Society to the final locks that hold Zzyzx shut. Their problem was that they would be trapped inside the preserve without outside help. Their troubles include a tempting yet lethal grove of trees, a roc parent, and some furious harpies. On his journey, Bracken finds an "old friend." Meanwhile, Seth is coping with a friend's death and a betrayal back at Fablehaven. Patton Burgess, in a gaseous form, suggests some truly desperate ideas to oppose the demon horde. Seth must call upon his loyalty, devotion, and his unique traits to gain a powerful weapon, a remnant named Vasilis from an age of wonders that may save the world. When all of the demon prison's locks were undone, the hour had arrived to unite. They all meet up at the place where the ship Lady Luck will take them to Shoreless Isle. They use the items to summon the Lady Luck. Seth uses force to convince the ghost of the Lady Luck to take them there. They find the Fairy Queen's shrine near Zzyzx. Kendra and Bracken speak once more to the Fairy Queen, who tells them that she has destroyed all of her other shrines, and they have one final secret plan that may just grant success. The astrids' dream comes true. Bracken needed the five artifacts, so Seth, some astrids, and the Sphinx teleported into the dome and reclaim the artifacts. After evacuating her world, the Fairy Queen traps the demons into her world, and makes Zzyzx her new home. After a success on the battlefield, Kendra, Seth, and all creatures of Light must wait to see whether Bracken's plan would work and whether the world would live to see a dawning of a new age of security, when Kendra can finally find peace and joy and reclaim a life even better than the one that was stolen from her. After that, Kendra is relieved in joy because her family is released.

New characters[edit]

Bracken- A unicorn that is imprisoned by the Sphinx in the dungeon in the Living Mirage preserve. Bracken is trapped as a human due to him surrendering his third horn centuries ago, which became the Artifact known as Font of Immortality. He meets Seth and Kendra at different times in the dungeon, but he, Kendra, and Warren escape with the Sphinx's help after the demon Graulas has taken all of the artifacts from Fablehaven and usurped the power of the Sphinx. Later in the book Kendra learns that Bracken is the Fairy Queen's son-in-law.

Nagi Luna- An old demon in the dungeon (Ring of Constraint) at Living Mirage, she was the demon that trained the Sphinx to become a full Shadow Charmer. She has drooping purple skin and looks harmless, but she can take possession of people and attack with inhuman strength. She has a slab of concrete chained to her ankle with arcane characters carved onto it. She dies when Seth flings Vasilis at her shortly after the opening of Zzyzx.

The Gray Assassin- A zombie of the Society of the Evening Star that is notorious for being able to kill just about anyone. He has two curved swords that of which the handles are fashioned with dragon teeth, and heavily enchanted. Bracken kills him after Civia, the last Eternal, dies.

Mirav- A wizard,(like all wizards) formerly a dragon, that is a member of the Society of the Evening Star. He is more powerful at night and cannot withstand daylight. Bracken kills him after the wizard foolishly tries to use Bracken's second horn against him.

Morisant- Perhaps the greatest of the wizards that founded Zzyzx, the chief architect. He tried to cheat death by trying to make himself one of the Undead, which doesn't work. He is the owner of Vasilis and gives the great sword to Seth, he also created the Standing Dead.

Eternals- People whose deaths are the final step at opening Zzyzx. They can only be killed by phoenix fire, a unicorn horn, dragon breath, or any other weapon of similar potency. The last three Eternals are Roon, Mark and Civia.

Laura- The caretaker of Obsidian Waste. She helped Kendra, Seth, and everyone else escape Berrigan, who had been bitten by a narcoblix, and his sister Camira.

Recurring Characters[edit]

Agad- A wizard who was once a dragon, but permanently transformed into his human avatar forever to gain more magical power. He is the caretaker of one of the three dragon sanctuaries/preserves, Wyrmroost, which are closed to human interference. After the fight on Shoreless Isle, the dragons at Wyrmroost are governed by the king of dragons, Celebrant, because Agad is named the caretaker of Living Mirage after the Sphinx has asked to become an Eternal.

Fairy Queen-The "queen" of fairies. She is immensely powerful and is respected by all creatures of light. The Fairy Queen is widely considered the most powerful entity of creatures of light. It is not widely known that she is a unicorn. Bracken is her son, and the supposedly dead Fairy King is her consort.

Coulter Dixon-A friend of Seth and Kendra's grandparents. He collects magical relics and is in the Knights of the Dawn. He is known for owning a frayed, fingerless leather glove that makes you invisible when you hold still. He is killed by Graulas after he is healed by the Sands of Sanctity.

Vanessa Santoro-A traitor to the Knights of the Dawn. She worked for the Society of the Evening Star, but she knew the Sphinx's true identity. Fearing for his safety, the Sphinx imprisoned her in the Quiet Box at Fablehaven. Because of what the Sphinx did, she switched sides. It is hinted that she has affections for Warren.

The Sphinx-Former Captain of the Knights of the Dawn. When exposed as a traitor working for the Society of the Evening Star, he ran to secrecy and began to plot and kill even more than he had before. After Graulas usurped control of the Society from him he assisted the Knights to defeat the demon horde.

Tanugatoa (Tanu)-Potion master and friend of Kendra and Seth's grandparents. He is a Knight of the Dawn.

Graulas- An old demon who officially made Seth a shadow charmer. When healed with the Sands of Sanctity he betrays Seth and plays a major role in the opening of the demon prison, Zzyzx. He is killed by Seth with Vasilis shortly after the opening of Zzyzx.

Raxtus- A friendly dragon who befriends Kendra in the fourth book. He is the son of the great dragon Celebrant but is considered pathetic because of his small size. Celebrant eventually accepts his son after he proves himself in battle.

New places[edit]

Living Mirage- The final secret preserve located in Eastern Turkey that contains the Font of Immortality. The Sphinx is the caretaker of this preserve. It is an extremely dangerous preserve, with a ziggarut dungeon and powerful creatures.

Shoreless Isle- The island where Zzyzx is located. It is an immense island that, strangely enough, has great beauty. The island can only be reached via unconventional means because of an enormously powerful distracter spell, placed there by Zzyzx's creators.

Stony Vale- A secure preserve in Scotland where Kendra goes to talk to the Fairy Queen.

The Singing Sisters Lair- A small island in the Mississippi River where the Singing Sisters reside. Operated by trolls. The island possesses an apparently human guardian tasked with dissuading those who are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bargain with the Sisters. His method of doing so involves a friendly chat, peanut butter sandwiches, and root beer.

The Totem Wall- A wall made of totems that will talk when addressed on top of a stump. They are very wise, and hide many secrets and items. Seth destroys Morrisant, who was trapped within the wall, and took Vasilis from its hiding place.

Obsidian Waste- A sanctuary where the Translocator is located. It is protected by the caretaker Laura.

Release date controversy[edit]

The release date was planned to be March 20, 2010; however, some major booksellers started selling copies on March 19, 2010. Shadow Mountain, the book's publisher, was alerted of this later that day, but thousands of copies had already been sold. Due to this, after receiving apologies from the booksellers, Shadow Mountain allowed the booksellers to continue selling copies, and changed the official release date to March 19, 2010.