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Fahd bin Sultan University
Fahd bin Sultan University logo.jpg
Former names
Fahd bin Sultan College
Type Private university
Established 2003; 15 years ago (2003)
President Ahmed Nasri
Academic staff
nearly 50 (2010-2011)[1]
Location Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
28°27′55″N 36°29′57″E / 28.46528°N 36.49917°E / 28.46528; 36.49917Coordinates: 28°27′55″N 36°29′57″E / 28.46528°N 36.49917°E / 28.46528; 36.49917
Website Fahd bin Sultan University website

Fahd bin Sultan University (FBSU) is one of the private universities[2] and the first private university using English as a medium of instruction in Saudi Arabia.[3]

History and profile[edit]

FBSU was established in Tabuk as a private college in 2003 under the patronage of Prince Fahd bin Sultan, governor of Tabuk Province.[4] At the initial phase, it included only College of Computing. In the academic year 2007-2008, a branch for female students was added, and the college was opened by late Sultan bin Abdulaziz.[5] One year later, two colleges were added; the College of Engineering and of Business and Management.[4] Therefore, the university is made up of three colleges, all focusing on technical fields. It provides undergraduate and postgraduates programs.[6]

The campus of the university is 10 km away from Tabuk.[7] In October 2011, it gained the status of university.[8] It is accredited by ABET.[9]


The university is governed by a board of trustees chaired by Prince Fahd.[4] Ahmed Nasri is the president of the University.[10]


FBSU is in close relationship with American University of Beirut that provides technical and consultative support.[4][11] The collaboration between two institutions began in 2006.[3] In April 2013, FBSU joined the SAP University Alliance Program, being the eleventh Saudi university that is part of the program.[12]


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