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Fallow is the stage of crop rotation in which the land is deliberately not used to raise a crop. Ground may be fallowed as part of a larger crop rotation plan or as a method to conserve moisture as in the summer fallow technique used in dryland farming. Improved fallows involve the planting and management of leguminous tree, shrub or herbaceous cover crops that can restore soil fertility in one or two growing seasons.[1]

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  1. ^ "Improved fallows". teca.fao.org. FAO. Retrieved 10 April 2015. Improved fallow is also land resting from cultivation but the vegetation comprises planted and managed species of leguminous trees, shrubs and herbaceous cover crops. These cover crops rapidly replenish soil fertility in one or at most two growing seasons. They shorten the time required to restore soil fertility; they help to improve farmland productivity because the plant vegetation that follows them is superior in quality; and they increase the range of outputs, because the woody fallow species can also produce fuel wood and stakes.