Fang Xingdong

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Fang Xingdong (方兴东)
Fang Xingdong.jpg
Fang Xingdong (方兴东)
Free speech crusader and
Chinese web entrepreneur
Known forFounder of Blogchina (now Bokee) and Chinalabs, proponent ("Godfather") of blogging in China, coined "Boke" (Bo Ke) as word for blog

Fang Xingdong (Chinese: 方兴东) is a Chinese former web entrepreneur in the early 2000s and currently works with a university in Zhejiang province, China. He launched the (now in 2002 and received some funding from venture capital firms in 2005. But it quickly became a complete failure in just half an year[1]. He is a proponent of cyber sovereignty and sometimes writes for Global Times, a Chinese 'belligerent state tabloid'[2].

A controversial figure in China, he has been implicated in several alleged scandals, such as plagiarism in his doctoral thesis when he was in Tsinghua University, massive piracy in one of his failed online encyclopedia business in 2005 and so on. His, although appears to be a web research consultancy, was accused of launching a cyber defamation campaign against Alibaba in 2017 after signing a contract with (a competitor of Alibaba), whose CEO faced rape allegation in 2018[3].


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