Fantaghirò 5

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Fantaghirò 5
Directed by Lamberto Bava
Produced by Lamberto Bava
Andrea Piazzesi
Written by Gianni Romoli
Starring Alessandra Martines
Remo Girone
Ludwig Briand
Brigitte Nielsen
Music by Amedeo Minghi
Cinematography Romano Albani
Edited by Mauro Bonanni
Release date
  • 1996 (1996)
Country Italy
Language Italian

Fantaghirò 5 (1996) is the fifth and final film in the Fantaghirò series. It is directed by Lamberto Bava and stars Alessandra Martines. It was originally aired on television as a two-parter, and hence is known in some releases as Fantaghirò 9 and Fantaghirò 10. It has been panned by many fans of the series as a disappointing ending to what was previously a strong series of films. Alessandra Martines and Brigitte Nielsen are the only two actors to return from the previous films.


Fantaghirò is captured by the Black Witch who wishes to kill her in order to regain the power she lost in the prior two films. During her incarceration, Fantaghirò encounters a creature made entirely of fruit, who claims to come from another world and to have been in the service of a new, dangerous enemy.

Meanwhile, in a far away land, a cannibalistic pirate known only as "Nameless" attacks a peaceful kingdom with an army of fruit-men in order to kidnap and devour the inhabitant's children. His presence causes all edible items in the kingdom to animate and attack the inhabitants. In desperation, the good witch Asteria uses a magical mandrake root to save Fantaghirò from the Black Witch and bring her to the kingdom. Fantaghirò agrees to help, but the magical root can no longer bring her back to her kingdom.


  • Alessandra Martines as Fantaghirò
  • Remo Girone as Nameless
  • Luca Venantini as Aries
  • Ludwig Briand as Masala
  • Michaela May as Asteria
  • Brigitte Nielsen as Black Witch
  • Ariadna Caldas as Azela
  • Joan Fort as Sarsut
  • Casar Luis Gonzales as Gurdalak
  • Amarilys Nunez Barrioso as Masala's mom
  • Morgane Slemp as Elina

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