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Faraquet - Indianapolis - Stierch.jpg
Faraquet live in Indianapolis in the early 2000s.
Background information
OriginUnited States
Math rock
Years active1997–2001
LabelsDischord Records
MembersDevin Ocampo
Chad Molter
Jeff Boswell

Faraquet /ˈfærəkɛt/ is an influential post-hardcore band from Washington D.C. sometimes placed in the math rock genre. The trio formed in 1997 and disbanded in 2001 after releasing its debut full-length on Dischord Records. Faraquet were influenced by D.C.-based peers like Fugazi, Jawbox, and Nation of Ulysses [1] as well as progressive rock bands like King Crimson.[2] The band has recently reissued all of the material released prior to their full length and briefly reformed to play shows in support of this project in Brazil and their native Washington, D.C.[3]

Following Faraquet's dissolution, Chad and Devin went on to form Medications, which released an EP and two albums on Dischord Records before going on hiatus in 2011[4]. Devin currently plays in the EFFECTS, who have released one full-length (also on Dischord) [5].



  • Devin Ocampo: vocals, guitar, drums/percussion, keyboards, banjo, baritone guitar, trumpet.
  • Chad Molter: drums/percussion, vocals, piccolo bass
  • Jeff Boswell: bass, feedback guitar, Moog


Devin Ocampo (guitar) and Chad Molter (drums/percussion) moved from New York City to Washington, D.C. to further pursue their musical aspirations. Ocampo had many side projects in the early 90s, one of which was playing drums for fellow D.C. band, Smart Went Crazy. Smart Went Crazy was where Ocampo met future Faraquet bass player, Jeff Bosswell. Bosswell joined Ocampo and Molter to form Faraquet in 1997 and the rest is history.






Released at Brazil in 2007 as Faraquet by the label Mis-en-scene


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