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Farideh Lashai in 2006

Farideh Lashai (فریده لاشایی in Persian‎ 1944 – February 24, 2013) was an Iranian painter. She was born in Rasht, Iran.[1] She was also a writer and translator. Her foremost book is Shal Bamu. She is renowned for her abstract contemporary paintings, which are a combination of traditional and contemporary views of nature.


After finishing high school, she went to Germany. After studying in the school of translation in Munich, she went to Vienne to study decorative arts. She then worked for two years in Reidel company.

Her paintings combined the traditional art with contemporary art, including techniques deriving from late 17th century northern Europe. The traditions of Cezan, and those of the Far East are present in her works, and yet her works are considered to have a contemporary view of nature. Her works are considered a reflection inner insight and a perception of the soul of nature. She never intended to paint the details, but instead to create a symbol and vague understanding of nature, so that they would have the feeling of nature in them.

Ate the age of 68, after a long period of dealing with cancer, she died in Jam hospital in Tehran.

Education: B.A. from the Academy of Decorative Arts, Vienna, Austria.

Solo exhibitions[edit]

  • 1968, Milan, Italy, Gallerie Duomo
  • 1968, Selb, Germany, Studio Rosenthal
  • 1973, Tehran, Iran, Seyhoon Gallery
  • 1974, Tehran, Iran, Tehran Gallery
  • 1976, Tehran, Iran, Tehran Gallery
  • 1977, Khoozestan, Iran, Cultural Center of the National Iranian Oil Company
  • 1984, Bakersfield, USA, Clark Gallery
  • 1987, Basel, Switzerland,Gallery Demenga
  • 1987, Lavalta, Malta, National Museum of Fine Arts
  • 1987, Tehran, Iran, Classic Gallery
  • 1987, Tehran, Iran, Golestan Gallery
  • 1988, Düsseldorf, Germany, Libertas Gallery
  • 1988, Basel, Switzerland, Gallery Demenga
  • 1988, Mamut Lake, USA, Art Gallery
  • 1990, USA, Berkeley University
  • 1990, London, England, Hill Gallery
  • 1992, Tehran, Iran, Golestan Gallery
  • 1993, Düsseldorf, Germany, Gallery Aum Hufeisen
  • 1994, Tehran, Iran, Golestan Gallery
  • 1995, Pau, France, Gallery Nouste Henric
  • 1996, Tehran, Iran, Golestan Gallery
  • 1997, Laudun, France, Gallery Chateau Lascours
  • 1998, Tehran, Iran, Golestan Gallery
  • 2005, Tehran, Iran, Mah Art Gallery

Group exhibitions[edit]

  • 1968, Ostend, Belgium, International Young Artists
  • 1971, Tehran, Iran, International Exhibition of Tehran (as a member of the Austrian Pavilion)
  • 1973, Tehran, Iran, Iranian Women Artists International Exhibition of Tehran
  • 1975, Tehran, Iran, Four Women Artists Exhibition, Iran-America Society
  • 1978, Basel, Switzerland, International Exhibition


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