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A feddan (Arabic: فدّان‎, faddān) is a unit of area. It is used in Egypt, Sudan, Syria and the Sultanate of Oman. The feddan is not an SI unit and in Classical Arabic, the word means 'a yoke of oxen': implying the area of ground that could be tilled by them in a certain time. In Egypt the feddan is the only non-metric unit which remained in use following the switch to the metric system. A feddan is divided into 24 Kirats (175 m2)

Equivalent units[edit]

1 feddan = 24 kirat = 60 metre × 70 meter = 4200 square metres (m2) = 0.42 hectares = 1.038 acres

In Syria, the feddan ranges from 2295 square metres (m²) to 3443 square metres (m2).

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