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Federrico is a Venezuelan sitcom produced in 1982, starring Carlos Villagrán, Ramón Valdés, Simón García, Maribel Ponte and Nancy Soto. A spin-off of the series was produced in 1983 under the name Las nuevas aventuras de Federrico ("The new adventures of Federrico"). The Villagrán character was almost identical to Quico, which was his character on El Chavo series, the only change being the name, due to an ongoing dispute with Chespirito over the character, a pattern repeated with other former Chespirito cast members such as Rubén Aguirre and María Antonieta de las Nieves. Also, Valdéz's character Don Moncho is identical to El Chavo's Don Ramón.

The show was briefly broadcast in America as ¡Ah Quė Kiko!, which further linked the two characters, but without any issue from Chespirito as the spelling was different.

Valdės left the show after only one season to return to Chespirito.


The series has a very simple plot: Federrico gets involved on funny adventures on the school or with his friends. Many times he drives mad his neighbor, Don Moncho, and his mother, Doña Carlota. Federrico is also in love with his teacher, a very beautiful lady.