Feels Like Comin' Home

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Feels Like Comin' Home
Feels Like Comin' Home.JPG
Studio album by Bonfire
Released September 5, 1996
Genre Hard rock
Length 65:32
Label LZ Records
Producer Lessmann/Ziller
Bonfire chronology
Glaub Dran
(1993) (as Lessmann/Ziller)Glaub Dran1993
Feels Like Comin' Home
Hot & Slow
(1997)Hot & Slow1997
Freudenfeuer cover
German language album cover
German language album cover

Feels Like Comin' Home is the "comeback" album by the band Bonfire. It is the band's fifth album, released in 1996 on the independent label LZ Records, and featured the reunion of Bonfire. The album is mostly English versions of the Glaub Dran album by Lessmann/Ziller and a German version of the album was released as well, Freudenfeuer. Ex-Bonfire drummer Dominik Huelshorst contributed to the drums on the album.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Easy Come Easy Go" Claus Lessmann, Hans Ziller 4:12
2. "Back To You" Lessmann, Ziller 4:22
3. "Feels Like Comin' Home" Lessmann, Ziller 4:36
4. "Mama" Lessmann, Ziller 4:44
5. "I'd Love You To Want Me" Roland Kent Lavoie 4:44
6. "Say" Lessmann, Ziller 4:52
7. "Right Now" Lessmann, Ziller 4:25
8. "Highway To Your Dreams" Lessmann, Ziller 4:40
9. "You Are All" Lessmann, Ziller 5:12
10. "Whenever You Cry (I'll Be There)" Lessmann, Ziller 4:32
11. "Rock 'N' Roll Cowboy" Lessmann, Ziller 5:49
12. "I Don't Want You" Lessmann, Ziller 4:46
13. "Can't Wait" Lessmann, Ziller 5:24
14. "Feels Like Comin' Home (Piano Version)" Lessmann, Ziller 3:14

German track listing[edit]

The songs themselves had the same music as the English album but the lyrics are much different and do not correspond to the English songs.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Bis Wir Uns Wiedersehen" Claus Lessmann, Hans Ziller 4:46
2. "Für Dich" Lessmann, Ziller 4:52
3. "1001 Nacht" Lessmann, Ziller 4:40
4. "Komm Her" Lessmann, Ziller 4:26
5. "Geld Macht Sexy" Lessmann, Ziller 3:39
6. "Rock 'N' Roll Cowboy" Lessmann, Ziller 5:05
7. "Wach Auf" Lessmann, Ziller 5:23
8. "Verdammt Was Will Ich" Lessmann, Ziller 4:49
9. "Freundschaft" Lessmann, Ziller 4:10
10. "Noch'n Bier" Lessmann, Ziller 3:51

Band members[edit]

  • Claus Lessmann - lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
  • Hans Ziller - lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, backing vocals