II (Charade album)

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Charade - II.jpg
Studio album by Charade
Released October 25, 2004
Genre Hard rock
Length 45:52
Label Drakkar and BMG International
Charade chronology

II is the second album by Charade, the group that evolved from Bonfire. It was released in 2004 by Drakkar Records and BMG International. The album was recorded over a period of six years due to when Michael Bormann was available to record, Angel Schleifer was busy. Then it was vice versa until finally the duo managed to find time to finish the product. One track, Somebody's Waiting, was left over from the original recordings made in 1993. This album has two versions in the market. The original, sold in Japan, was a single CD of the album. The special edition was sold worldwide and contained two CDs, the II album as well as the 1998 debut album.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "In The End" Michael Bormann, Angel Schleifer 4:44
2. "Like The Way It Is" Bormann, Schleifer 4:43
3. "Dangerous Child" Bormann, Schleifer 3:59
4. "American Mama" Bormann, Schleifer 2:58
5. "Everyday And Everytime" Bormann, Schleifer 3:54
6. "Fatal Destiny" Bormann, Schleifer 4:07
7. "When It Was Just Me And You" Bormann, Schleifer 4:51
8. "Somebody's Waiting" Marc Ribler, Schleifer, Jörg Deisinger 4:45
9. "Call Of The Wild" Bormann, Schleifer 3:33
10. "Perfect Yesterday" Bormann, Schleifer 3:55
11. "Why Did You Take My Pride" Bormann, Schleifer 4:23

Band members[edit]

  • Michael Bormann - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Angel Schleifer - lead guitars, keyboards, programming