Ferenc Forgách, Archbishop of Esztergom

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Ferenc Forgách
Forgách Ferenc G J Rugendas.jpg
Archdiocese Esztergom
Installed July 4, 1607
Term ended October 16, 1615
Predecessor János Kutassy
Successor Péter Pázmány
Other posts Bishop of Veszprém
Bishop of Nyitra
Chancellor of Hungary
Personal details
Born 1560
Szentkereszt, Kingdom of Hungary
(today: Sklené Teplice, Slovakia)
Died October 16, 1615 (aged 54-55)
Garamszentkereszt, Kingdom of Hungary
(today: Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia)
Nationality Hungarian
Denomination Catholic
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The native form of this personal name is ghymesi és gácsi báró Forgách Ferenc. This article uses the Western name order.

Baron Ferenc Forgách de Ghymes et Gács (1560 – 16 October 1615) was a Hungarian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, who served as archbishop of Esztergom from 1607 to 1615.


The Forgách family was one of the eldest houses of Hungary. Ferenc's parents were Baron Simon Forgách (died 1598) and Orsolya Pemflinger. His father functioned as Master of Cup-bearers. They had ten children (five boys and five girls), including Zsigmond Forgách, Palatine, and Mihály Forgách, a soldier.

Ferenc Forgách was born as a Lutheran. He converted to Roman Catholicism under the influence of his uncle, Ferenc Forgách, who functioned as Bishop of Várad (today: Oradea).[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
János Kutassy
Archbishop of Esztergom
July 4, 1607 – October 16, 1615
Succeeded by
Péter Pázmány