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Fernando Sorrentino (born November 8, 1942 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine writer. His works have been translated into English, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Vietnamese,Tamil, Kannada, and Kabyle. In 2006 Fernando Sorrentino published a collection of short stories entitled: "Per colpa del dottor Moreau ed altri racconti fantastici". The collection includes all his short stories translated in Italian and is published by Progetto Babele literary magazine. The same literary magazine published a new collection in 2013: "Per difendersi dagli scorpioni ed altri racconti insoliti".

Longer Works[edit]

  • Costumbres de los muertos, 1996
  • Sanitarios centenarios, 1979 [tr. Sanitary Centennial: And Selected Short Stories, 1988]

Nonfiction (Interviews)[edit]

  • Siete conversaciones con Jorge Luis Borges, 1974 [tr. by Clark M. Zlotchew, Seven Conversations With Jorge Luis Borges, 1982, 2010]
  • Siete conversaciones con Adolfo Bioy Casares, 1992

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