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Festival Gate.jpg
The entrance to Festival Gate
Location Osaka, Japan
Opened 1997 (1997)
Closed March 2004 (2004-03)
Entrance to the Sega World arcade in Festivalgate (extreme left, unrelated to SegaWorld), October 2004
Festivalgate Demolition, 19 March 2012

Festivalgate was an amusement park in Osaka, Japan, just beside the Shin-Imamiya Station of the Osaka Loop Line of Nishinihon Japan Railway and Nankai Railway.

It opened in 1997. The city of Osaka is invested in the park, but the theme park was originally managed by a private company which went bankrupt in 2004, and has since been managed by the municipal government of Osaka. In 2007, the local authorities decided to put the property up for sale.[1]

Festivalgate is now closed and was demolished on 19 March 2012. In late 2014 a new building on the site opened containing a Maruhan entertainment center and a Mega Donki outlet.


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Coordinates: 34°39′00″N 135°30′17″E / 34.650069°N 135.504694°E / 34.650069; 135.504694