Fighting Vipers 2

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Fighting Vipers 2
Fighting Vipers 2.jpg
Developer(s) Sega AM2
Publisher(s) Sega
Director(s) Hiroshi Kataoka
Designer(s) Youji Kato
Series Fighting Vipers
Platform(s) Arcade, Dreamcast
Release Arcade
April 1998
  • JP: January 18, 2001
  • EU: 2001
Genre(s) Fighting game
Arcade system Sega Model 3

Fighting Vipers 2 is a 3D fighting video game developed by Sega AM2 and published by Sega for their Model 3 arcade board in 1998, and later ported to the Dreamcast in 2001. It is the sequel to the 1995 game Fighting Vipers.

Along with the original cast of the first game, Fighting Vipers 2 introduced Emi, a computer geek who fights with a self-developed mecha armor, and Charlie, a BMX rider. New unlockable characters included Del Sol (a Mexican wrestler with a Sun mask), and Kuhn (a copycat character with various movesets from all the other original characters similar to Virtua Fighter's Dural.

The game was planned for a U.S. release but was later cancelled.

The game was praised for being a perfect Dreamcast port of the original Model 3 Arcade game (unlike Virtua Fighter 3tb which was a loose port), however the developers did not include any additional extras for this release, making it a straight port.


On release, Famitsu magazine scored the Dreamcast version of the game a 30 out of 40.[1]


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