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The Files of Justice (壹號皇庭)is a series of Hong Kong legal drama produced by TVB. There were 5 seasons produced, the first was aired in 1992 spanning 13 episodes. The series revolves around a group of lawyers and legal personnel with stories interwoven between their personal lives and the court cases (usually one that involves murder) in which they’re engaged.

The first series was also noteworthy that first 2 murder cases in the first series ended in capital punishment because it was not abolished in Hong Kong until 1993, yet the last punishment carried out was back in 1966.[1]

The theme music is an instrumental version of "Your Latest Trick" by Dire Straits.


  • Ben Yu – A successful prosecutor turned barrister and the protagonist of the series. Often humorous and charming, Ben is also occasionally the butt of jokes to his friends (especially to Michael) because of his tolerance and partly due to his clumsiness. He suffers from a crush for his colleague and fellow lawyer Michelle, who has rejected him on numerous occasions. He shares an apartment with his close friend Raymond and his cousin Man-Bun who is a police detective. Ben is played by Bobby Au Yeung.
  • Michelle Ting – Ben’s colleague and love interest, a prosecutor. Michelle is an example of the modern day alpha female – headstrong, stubborn and no-nonsense. Initially, she is fairly cold towards Ben’s attempt at wooing her, finding them to be childish and annoying. However, as time goes on, she gradually sees his affection for her to be genuine and accepts him in return. She was Henry Lee's concubine. Michelle is played by Amy Chan.
  • Michael Kong – A paralegal advisor who is best friend to Ben Yu and Raymond Chow. Amongst the group, Michael is shown to be the manipulative and mischievous one. He is sometimes slightly immature and rather cocky and at most times who takes joy in messing around with Ben and Raymond. He works for his widowed mother’s law firm and helps her and his sister Helen in handling their cases. Despite his smart alec personality, he does have a kind hearted side and is willing to help those who are less privileged. Michael Kong is played by Michael Tao.
  • Helen Kong – Michael’s younger sister who is also a lawyer at their mother’s firm, a barrister. Beautiful and intelligent, Helen has a strong work ethic and wisdom beyond her year when it comes to court case matters. She briefly dated Ben’s cousin Man-Bun but soon separated due to personal differences. Helen is played by Eugina Lau.
  • Raymond Chow – A close friend to Ben and Michael who also works at Michael’s law firm. Generally friendly and good-natured, Raymond is also a man who takes himself too seriously and is far less humorous than his peers. Moralistic and timid, he often disapproves of Michael’s immature ways of handling situations. He is also an occasional victim of Ben’s crazy schemes when he is attempting to hook-up with Michelle. Raymond is Played by William So.



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