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Filip Filkovic (commonly known as Philatz) (born June 8, 1983 in Zagreb, Croatia) is a Croatian born music video film director, graphic designer, artist and musician.

Filkovic is the founder of radical art collective Kunstterrorist Organisation in 2004. Kunstterrorist Organisation or KTO was inspired by the Cautese Nationál Postal Disservice - project led by James Cauty (founder of The KLF). In 2007, Filkovic was appointed chief stamp designer for the Cautese Nationál Postal Disservice (C.N.P.D.).

Kunstterrorist Organisation[edit]

Since the founding of Kunstterrorist Organisation, Filkovic creates limited edition works and thematic postage stamps or also known as cinderella stamps all of which were sold via the official KTO webshop or art galleries. KTO is also involved into street art movement, audio production (as Kunstterrorist Audio Noize), art installations and activism (official web site explains that this division is yet to be uncovered). Filkovic also held several art exhibitions showing his latest work.

Cautese Nationál Postal Disservice[edit]

The first Filip Filkovic collection of works for C.N.P.D. was released on 15 October 2007. First release was named "War Is Over". The Aquarium Gallery (in their own fashion) noted that the designs are just as good as the James Cauty designs, so even though the labour costs are now a fraction of what they used to be, they will still be charging the same amount as before for all works.

Other works[edit]

Music videos[edit]

Short films[edit]

Year Title Type Notes
2016 "Posljednji bunar" Short film Director
2012 "Heart juice" Short film Director
2006 "Posao" Short film Director
"Head Decides" Short film Director
2004 "Dysfunctional" Short film Director


Filkovic is involved in music production of Kunstterrorist Audio Noize, sound division from Kunstterrorist Organisation. The first EP by the band should be (according to Myspace profile) be released in the first quarter of 2008. As Cold War Atomic Orchestra, Filkovic is producing (as mentioned on the official Myspace profile) high-end novelty orchestral and electronic music. Both bands are signed to anti-label company "Death To Music" founded by James Fogarty. In 2009, Filkovic had set up Cellular Control to promote his latest musical experiment. The music can be listened to at his official SoundCloud page.

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