Find Candace

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Find Candace
EP by Venetian Snares
Released February 20, 2003 (2003-02-20)
Genre Breakcore
Length 44:20
Label Hymen
Venetian Snares chronology
Winter in the Belly of a Snake
Find Candace
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Pitchfork Media (6.5/10)[1]

Find Candace is a 2003 breakcore EP by Venetian Snares. The EP was considered a continuation of his previously released album Doll Doll Doll, from which both the original "Befriend A Childkiller" and "Dolleater" were taken.

The heavily altered dancehall sample used in "Befriend a Childkiller Remix" is taken from the Buju Banton track "Sensimillia Persecution", released by Penthouse Vintage in 1995 (originally over the "Swing Easy" rhythm).

"Mercy Funk" contains a sample from the Andrzej Żuławski film "Possession".

"Children's Limbo" contains samples from the Alejandro Amenábar film The Others and an ending a cappella from Crystal Lullaby by The Carpenters.

The title track contains samples from The Evil Dead.

Time signatures[edit]

"Mercy Funk" has probably more time signature changes than any other Venetian Snares' song. Running at a high speed 180 bpm, it starts with 8 bars of 11/4 then switches to alternating bars of 5/4 and 13/8 (or 23/8 together) until 2'32". It then holds 5/4 until 3'50", where a single 7/4 bar is followed by 7 bars of the 23/8 plus one 19/8 bar. At 4'23" there follows a sequence of 16 bars of 13/8, 8 bars of 7/4, a cycle of 3 bars of 7/4 and a bar of 15/8 (or 57/8 together), repeated twice, then 7/4 until the end.

"Yor" and "Bind Candace" have no clear time signature due to their predominantly ambient nature. The remaining tracks are in 7/4, although the end section of the title track is in 7/8.

Track listing[edit]

Includes time signatures where applicable

  1. "Befriend a Childkiller Remix" – 6:15 (7/4)
  2. "Mercy Funk" – 6:20 (11/4+23/8+5/4+7/4+23/8+19/8+13/8+7/4+57/8+7/4)
  3. "Find Candace" – 7:23 (7/4+7/8)
  4. "Yor" – 4:40
  5. "Children's Limbo" – 8:50 (7/4+5/4)
  6. "Dolleater" – 7:27 (7/4)
  7. "Bind Candace" – 3:25


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