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Fine may refer to:

Legal terms[edit]

  • Fine (penalty), financial punishment
  • Fine of lands, an obsolete type of land conveyance to a new owner
  • Fine on alienation, common in pre-20th century law, money paid to lords by tenants whenever they conveyed any of their land, today widely reduced by law to surveyor's and legal fees in licences to assign where a lease restricts dealings
  • Fine (premium), a dated term for a premium on a lease, a large sum the tenant pays to commute (lessen) the rent throughout the term


  • Fine, an Italian word used mostly in classical music
  • Fine (band), a short-lived late 1990s American band)|Fine (album)]], a 1994 album by Snailhouse



Fictional characters[edit]


  • FINE, an informal association of the four main Fair Trade networks
  • FINE (printing), a print head technology used in Canon printers
  • Toyota Fine (Fuel cell INnovation Emotion) series of concept cars

Other uses[edit]

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