Fire! (1977 film)

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Fire! FilmPoster.jpeg
Written by Norman Katkov
Arthur Weiss
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Starring Ernest Borgnine
Vera Miles
Patty Duke Astin
Alex Cord
Donna Mills
Music by Richard LaSalle
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Irwin Allen
Producer(s) Irwin Allen
Cinematography Dennis Dalzell
Editor(s) Bill Brame
Running time 100 minutes
Production company(s) Irwin Allen Productions
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Original network NBC
Original release May 8, 1977 (1977-05-08)

Fire! is a 1977 American made-for-television action-drama disaster film produced by Irwin Allen starring Ernest Borgnine, Vera Miles, Patty Duke Astin, Alex Cord, Donna Mills, Lloyd Nolan, Neville Brand, Ty Hardin and Erik Estrada. It was directed by Earl Bellamy, who directed another made-for-TV disaster film one year before titled Flood!.


The film's plot is about a convict (Neville Brand) who escapes from an Oregon road gang and starts a fire in a forest, which goes out of control and threatens to destroy a small mountain community. Involved are a lumber mill owner named Sam (Ernest Borgnine); Martha (Vera Miles), the widowed operator of a forest lodge; a teacher (Donna Mills) on a class outing; a country doctor (Lloyd Nolan); and a young couple (Patty Duke Astin and Alex Cord) whose shaky marriage is healed when battling the blaze brings out their better natures.



The film was directed in the cities of Silverton and Yamhill, in Oregon.


Fire! premiered on May 8, 1977 on NBC on two-hours length; it was later cut to ninety minutes and rerun in tandem with another TV disaster movie, Flood!, also produced by Irwin Allen.

Titles around the world[edit]

  • Det flammande helvevet (Sweden)
  • El bosque en llamas (Spain)
  • Horizons en flammes (France)
  • Horizont in Flammen (West Germany)
  • Krwawe pieklo (Poland)
  • Ti nyhta pou oi ouranoi epiasan fotia (Greece)
  • Tuhoavat liekit (Finland)

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