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Coordinates: 42°41′55″N 23°20′13″E / 42.69861°N 23.33694°E / 42.69861; 23.33694

First English Language Secondary School

The First English Language School (FELS, 114th High School "Liliana Dimitrova") was founded in 1958 in Sofia, Bulgaria as a high school for education of English language as a foreign language to Bulgarian high school students.

The school has occupied its location at 60 Dondukov Street since 1960 and shares it with the 112th Elementary School. FELS became a UNESCO associated school in 1978.

Over 90% of its graduates pursue their higher education in schools and universities in Bulgaria, the EU and the United States.


Ms. Bonka Bachvarova was the school's principal for many years, followed by Ms. Nely Georgieva. The acting principal is Ms. Nely Petrova.

Musical activities[edit]

The school is especially acknowledged for its orchestra and chorus. The orchestra's repertoire includes dissident jazz songs (during Communism).

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