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OriginDenton, Texas, United States
Genresindie pop / twee, indie rock
Years active2000–present
LabelsBusiness Deal Records,
Lauren Records
WebsiteOfficial website
MembersEric Michener
Adam Avramescu
Grahm Robinson
Sam Escalante
Brooks Martin

Fishboy is an American four-piece indie pop band from Denton, Texas, United States, that began as the solo project of Eric Michener. He was given the nickname on a middle-school field trip after a dare to pluck and swallow a fish at the Dallas World Aquarium. The band is signed to Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records in Athens, Georgia and associated with the Austin, Texas music collective Business Deal Records.

Their fourth album, Little D, was acclaimed by the Dallas Observer,[1] and Austin Chronicle[2] and voted Best Local of 2005 by the Dallas Morning News.[3]

The band's 2007 release, Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll, is a record that Michener calls "a rock opera about how myself, the band, and the ghost of Buddy Holly attempt to save Texas by going on a tour/crime spree in order to perform all 8,030 of the songs I've written in my sleep since I was in the womb."[4]

In 2011, the band released Classic Creeps, described as "the first in an ongoing series of Fishboy records featuring characters whose lives interconnect to form a bigger story." Each track is listed in alphabetical order, and each character's name begins with the letter A.[5]

In 2017, Fishboy appeared on the podcast "Don't Feed the Artists" to promote their album Art Guards for Lauren Records.

Band members[edit]

  • Eric "Fishboy" Michener - Vocals, guitar
  • Grahm Robinson - Drums
  • Samuel Escalante - Guitar, Keys
  • Brooks Martin - Bass

Prior members[edit]

  • Dave "Cleveland" Koen
  • Adam "Sweatpants" Avramescu - Keyboard, horns, percussion
  • Scarlett Wright - Bass, backup vocals
  • Tommy "Medicine Ball" Garcia - Drums
  • Ryan "Secret Crystal" Williams of The Baptist Generals - Bass
  • Justin "Sixlets" Lloyd - Bass
  • John ""Christakis" Clardy of Tera Melos - Drums
  • Winston Reed "Slapbracelet" Chapman of Bosque Brown and The Baptist Generals - Drums
  • Brady "The Bear" Goodwin - Bass, tuba
  • Drew "Albatross" Erickson of Roy G and the Biv - Drums, keys




  • NOM, Self Released (2009)



Early recordings[edit]


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