Fisheries Act 1996

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Fisheries Act 1996
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New Zealand Parliament

An Act—
(a) to reform and restate the law relating to fisheries resources; and
(b) to recognise New Zealand's international obligations relating to fishing; and

(c) to provide for related matters
Date of Royal Assent 13 August 1996
Related legislation
Fisheries Act 1983
Status: Current legislation

The Fisheries Act 1996 is a New Zealand Act of Parliament. It is divided into five areas: recreational, customary, environmental, commercial and international fishing. It is administered by the Overseas Investment Commission and the Ministry of Fisheries. The Act mostly deals with the minimum size requirements and maximum quantity limit for each species of fish and seafood before they can be caught for selling or consumption.

There are regular prosecutions under the act for the taking of Paua.[1][2][3]

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