Fishing Child

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Fishing Child
Directed by Wan Guchan
Distributed by Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Release date
Running time
30 mins
Country China
Language Mandarin

Fishing Child (Chinese: 渔童) is a Chinese animated featurette produced by the Shanghai Animation Film Studio. It is also referred to as "Fisher Boy".


The title in Chinese is closely translated to "Yu Tong" or the Fishing Bowl. The story supposedly takes place after the Opium War when the imperialists occupied China's sea port.


An old fisherman who usually earns a living by fishing at the river risk of his own life to find this white jade fish-jar. On the fish-jar is engraved a tiny fisher boy. The fisher boy can become alive and grow and, with his fishing-rod, can hook the fish which are engraved on the bottom part of the fish-globe and which also can become alive and grow. The oldman is later accused of stealing the fish jar from the pastor.[1]


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