Fissure of the nipple

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Fissure of the nipple
Other namesJogger's nipple, Surfer's nipple
Joggers nipple.jpg
An irritated nipple, or jogger's nipple, acquired by a man while riding a bike on a warm day.
CausesChafing during physical exercise
PreventionRunning shirtless, Nipple patches, Sports bras
TreatmentPetroleum jelly
Frequency2-16% of runners

Fissure of the nipple, colloquially referred to as "jogger's nipple", is a condition that is the result of chafing of one or both nipples. This can occur in both men and women during physical exercise such as long-distance running where there is prolonged friction between the nipple and clothing.[1] The issue is also commonly seen in surfers who do not wear rash guards or wetsuits.[2]

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