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Flavor or flavour is either the sensory perception of taste or smell, or a flavoring in food that produces such perception.

Flavor or flavour may also refer to:


  • Flavors (programming language), an early object-oriented extension to Lisp
  • Flavour (particle physics), a quantum number of elementary particles related to their weak interactions
  • Flavor of Linux, another term for any particular Linux distribution; by extension, "flavor" can be applied to any program or other computer code that exists in more than one current variant at the same time

Film and TV[edit]

  • Flavors (film), romantic comedy concerning Asian-Indian immigrants in America


Artists and bands[edit]

  • Flavor Flav (born 1959), former rap/hip-hop promoter and current reality television actor
  • Flavour N'abania (born 1983), Nigerian singer-songwriter



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