Flesh Field

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Flesh Field
Origin Columbus, Ohio, United States
Genres Industrial
Electro-industrial (Aggrotech)
Years active 1996 - 2011
Labels Metropolis Records
Inception Records
Trisol/Matrix Cube
Website Official Website
Members Ian Ross
Wendy Yanko
Scott Tron (live)
Matthias Ewald (live)
Josh Creamer (live)
Past members Rian Miller (1997-2004)

Flesh Field was an electronic / industrial band formed in 1996 by Ian Ross in Columbus, Ohio. The name Flesh Field is an unofficial term Ian Ross came up with to describe the psychological defense mechanisms of rape victims.


Rian Miller joined the band in 1997 to contribute female vocals. In 2004, Rian was replaced by another female vocalist, Wendy Yanko. In 2005, Flesh Field performed at the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany. Their 2004 album Strain peaked at number 4 on the 2005 DAC,[1] charting for 8 weeks.

In January 2011, Ian Ross pronounced the retirement of Flesh Field as a musical project. Ian went on to further say that he will continue to make music, and that he is considering a new project. Seven of the instrumentals for "Tyranny of the Majority" were released on the official Flesh Field website mastered along with two additional untitled instrumentals that were cut from the album. Two of the album's tracks, "Swarm" and "Forgotten Trauma" can be found on the albums, "Dependence: Next Level Electronics: Volume 2" and "Septic VI" respectively.


  • Ian Ross - All Music, Lyrics, Vocals
  • Wendy Yanko - Vocals
  • Scott Tron/Matthias Ewald - Keyboards (live performances only)
  • Josh Creamer - Guitar (live performances only)

Former members[edit]

  • Rian Miller - vocals



  • Viral Extinction: Inception Records / Trisol/Matrix Cube (1999)
  • Redemption EP: Inception Records / Trisol/Matrix Cube (2000)
  • Belief Control: Inception Records / Trisol/Matrix Cube (2001)
  • Strain (2004)
  • Tyranny Of The Majority (2011)


  • Beautifully Violent

Internet Release[edit]

  • Inferior EP: (2003)
  • Conquer Me EP: (2003)

Video Game Appearances[edit]


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