Flik 14

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Flik 14 (Flik 14J)
Country Austria-Hungary
Type Air force
Engagements World War I
Famous commanders Captain Jemő Kara
Lietuenant Károly Benedek

Flik 14, later Flik 14J (in Hungarian 14. repülőszázad or 14. vadászszázad) was an air company of the Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops. The company used Phönix II D aircraft.


It was organised in 1914, the captain of the company was Jenő Kara. At the beginning it worked on the front lines in Russia, later it was sent to the Italian front. The second leader of the company was Lieutenant Károly Benedek Károly. The company had one known ace pilot, Karl Teichmann who officially had one victory.

At the end of the war neither Austria, nor Hungary was allowed to maintain an air force, so Flik 14 was disbanded.

Ace pilots[edit]

Name Air wins in the company
Karl Teichmann