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Flipper may refer to:

Common meanings[edit]

  • Flipper (anatomy), a forelimb of an aquatic animal, useful for steering and/or propulsion in water
  • Alternate name for a swimfin, footwear that boosts human swimming efficiency
  • Flipper (pinball), a part of a pinball machine used to strike the ball
  • A speculator who engages in flipping (buying and selling quickly)

Film and television[edit]


Flipper is the UK's first independent auto energy switching service. They switch (Flip) gas and electricity providers automatically each time they find you a better deal on the energy market. As they don't take commission, or have any commercial agreements with any of the suppliers they work impartially across all the market. They are a web based service. Flipper are based in Bristol in the United Kingdom and started in 2015.




Other uses[edit]