Florebo quocumque ferar

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Florebo quocumque ferar is a Latin phrase which can be translated in English as "I will flourish wherever I am brought", i.e. "I will flourish wherever I go".

During the 17th and 18th century it was designated as the motto of the French East India Company by Louis XIV, and is written on its blazon.[1]

The phrase is the motto of Réunion island, a French overseas department and an outermost region of the European Union in the South East Indian Ocean.[2] It is also on the blazon created by the former governor Emile Merwart during the colonial exhibition held in Petite-Île in 1925.[3]

Florebo quocumque ferar is also the motto of the Vergriete family (the "House of Griete"), a middle-class family of Flemish nobles attached to the seigneury of Cassel. The family name, from the Dutch word for daisy,[4] has been associated with this motto since the 16th century.[5]


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