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Origin Brisbane, Australia
Genres Alternative rock
Australian rock
Years active 1991–present
  • Shock
  • Survival
  • The Hypnotised Label
  • Rhythm Ace
Associated acts
Website Official website
Members Tim Steward
Kellie Lloyd
Dean Shwereb
Past members Tony Blades
Darek Mudge

Screamfeeder is a rock band from Brisbane, Australia.

Members and history[edit]

Screamfeeder began performing in Brisbane, Australia in 1991. They formed out of the remains of Tim Steward and Tony Blades' band, The Madmen.[1]

The Madmen were formed in 1988 in Townsville by Tim Steward, Tony Blades and Cam Hurst. The band later changed to Steward, Blades, Hurst and Bruce Gardner, and recorded three singles and a 12" mini-album.[1]

The Madmen toured Queensland numerous times, before relocating to Brisbane in 1989. Bassist Cam Hurst left the band and was replaced by Kellie Lloyd,[1] who had previously made a filmclip for The Madmen,[citation needed] becoming Screamfeeder. In 1995, Dean Shwereb replaced Tony Blades on the drums.[1] In 2007 Steph Hughes briefly filled-in for Dean Shwereb on drums. Mike Squire played harmonica on "Fill yourself with music" and rocked the lead guitar in 1999 and 2000. Darek Mudge played lead guitar from 2001 - 2005 and intermittently from then on. Live members have also included Doug Arnott.

Screamfeeder toured Europe with Screaming Tribesmen and The Chevelles, performed at the Big Day Out in 1994 and 1997 and have supported by acts such as Rollins Band, Sonic Youth, Ride and Pavement.[1]

During the 1990s, indie and grunge rock increased in popularity throughout the world and Screamfeeder was part of the rise of independent Australian rock. The musical style and influences on each Screamfeeder album are distinct, from retro pop-rock, low-fi indie, to guitar driven alternative.







  • "Fill Yourself With Music" - Directed by David Barker
  • "Gravity" - Directed by Skye Thompson
  • "Hi Cs" - Directed by Kellie Lloyd (NOMINATED for an MTV award in 1998)
  • "Stopless" -
  • "Above the Dove" - Directed by Kellie Lloyd
  • "Ice Patrol" - Directed by Kellie Lloyd
  • "I Don't Know What To Do Any More" - Directed by Kellie Lloyd
  • "12345" - Directed by Kellie Lloyd
  • "Blue" - Directed by Matt Bourke

Other appearances[edit]

  • A Screamfeeder track was on the Happenin' Chick Fanzine Issue #3 compilation CD in 1998.
  • The song "Hole of Blood" was on the Crack In The Sun Or Fade In The Shade compilation CD in 1992.
  • Recovery (ABC TV) 1998 - Screamfeeder performed 2 songs, Hi Cs and Triple Hook.
  • The song "Snail Trail" off the Flour album was featured in Quarantine, a cyberpunk game produced by GameTek, Inc. in 1994.
  • The song "Wrote you off" from the Burn out your name album was featured in "The Kuepper File - Australian and Loud" in 1995.


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